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#YouthMonth: Demand to exist

Prof Zethu Cakata, from Unisa's Department of Psychology in the College of Human Sciences, urges the youth to "continue the fight to exist". Read more

Science fiction? No, science fact!

A microchip able to monitor vital body bio-balances and warn you on your cellphone if your system is out of whack? This could be around the corner if the research by Unisa’s Prof Lukas Snyman, published in the latest issue of the prestigious IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, is realised. Read more

Dinosaurs can become digital

A 69-year-old retired educator masters online teaching delivery through a CEDU Open Education Resources project, proving that it's never too late to learn at Unisa, the leader in open, distance and e-learning. Read more

Significantly transformed, and continuing its transformational drive

CSET is on the right track as far as transformation is concerned and, in fact, has done far better than would have been expected of a college in a scarce-skills environment, says Executive Dean, Prof Bhekie Mamba. Read more

Grief, loss, inequality and hope: Unisa students share their real-life Covid-19 experiences

The seismic shift caused by Covid-19 and the subsequent national lockdown have derailed students in various ways. Unisa students share their challenges and experience so far. Read more

Celebrating successes of Unisa-GBFE partnership

Prof Volker Kessler was recently informed that his paper, Spirituality in mathematics, published in the accredited Journal for the Study of Spirituality, was the most downloaded article in the past 12 months, with 365 downloads. Read more

An education in language

Prof Mandla Makhanya, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, writes that Unisa is advancing 'linguistic justice' so all indigenous languages can be recognised and used. Read more

Covid-19: Bridging the information gap

Dr Napjadi Letsoalo chats to Unisa stakeholders, especially those who are bilingual and multilingual, on the importance of translating Covid-19 information into indigenous languages in order to help disseminate correct information that could help save lives. Read more

#YouthMonth: A call to innovate and be extraordinary

Since 1994, we have etched in our memories that the month of June is for acknowledging and commemorating the pivotal role played by young people, especially students, in bringing about change in our country; including changing the face of education. We have paid tribute to the class of 1976 who rejected apartheid in all its forms and fought for freedom and democracy in South Africa—many lost their lives to the cause. This year is no different. Read more